OSHA Training

DOT Hazardous Materials Training Course

The DOT course is designed to meet the requirements of training as set forth in HM 181/126F and 49 C.F.R. §§172.700-172.704. The 49 CFR (code of federal regulations) is the CFR created to dictate the laws and regulations applied by the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT). The Hazardous Materials Training is specifically required DOT training for all persons involved with Hazardous Materials (as defined by DOT)

Hazardous materials (hazmat) training now applies to any individual who:

• Ships hazardous materials by ground;
• Loads, unloads, or handles hazardous materials;
• Marks, labels, or otherwise prepares containers, drums, or packaging for transportation of hazardous materials;
• Prepares hazardous materials shipping papers for transportation;
• Is responsible for safety of transporting hazardous materials

Prerequisites – None

Initial Training requirement – within 90 days of initial employment or job change that requires this training

Retraining Requirement – Every 3 years

Course Materials Required – DOT manual (supplied with course)

Additional Requirements – Smart phone or tablet. For virtual classes, you will also need a computer (laptop or desktop) that has a functioning camera, speakers, and microphone. No additional software is required.

Course Contact Hours – 4

Course Topics

• Understanding the definitions and meaning of Hazardous Materials
• Understanding Paperwork and Marking Requirements

Using the HAZMAT Tables as provided to determine correct shipping descriptions

Proper formatting of shipping papers and marking

• Understanding the requirements Performance Oriented Packaging
• Hazardous Materials Security

Class Option Fees

Fee Description
$200.00Option 1: Class Fee
$350.00Option 2: Class Fee + RCRA Training