UST Installer Training

Pennsylvania UST/AST Classes

You can receive multiple credit for some of the classes.

We commonly give classes in Ohio and will set up classes in Pennsylvania for five or more students

License Categories are:

  • UMX  -  UST Installer - Basic and Refresher
  • UMR  -  UST Remover - Refresher
  • AMR  -  AST Remover - Refresher
  • UMI   -  Service Tech - Basic and Refresher

Each refresher license section is $150 or three sections for $400.

Each basic course is $225.

For class schedule call 614-252-0565 or email

Classes are no longer limited due to Covid restrictions being lifted!

Class Option Fees

Fee Description
$150.00Single License Section
$400.00Three License Sections
$225.00Basic License Course (Initial)

Contact Information

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Columbus, OH 43219
Phone: 614-252-0565
Fax: 614-252-2229

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