UST Installer Training

West Virginia Installer Refresher Classes

You can receive multiple credit for some of the classes. For instance, 8 Hour OSHA portion of the Installer Class also counts for 8 Hour OSHA toward the Remover, Tester, both CP Licenses and Service Tech.

We commonly give classes in the Huntington area and Charleston, West Virginia.

  • West Virginia requires 16 hours of Continuing Education for EACH CATEGORY of license every THREE years.
  • 2-Days Classes:Total 16 Hours
  • License Categories are:
    • A - UST Installer
    • B - UST Remover
    • C - UST Tester
    • D - Cathodic Protection Installer
    • E - Cathodic Protection Tester
    • F- Service Technician
    • West Virginia OSHA for all license catagories

For class schedule call 614-252-0565 or email

Classes are no longer limited due to Covid restrictions being lifted!



Class Option Fees

Fee Description
$250.00Per Eight Hours

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